Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. What happens to my resume once I send it in?
A. Your resume is routed to the appropriate account executive with knowledgeable contacts in your area of expertise. He or she will try to make contact to set up a personal interview to determine your needs and preferences.

Q. Once I have sent my resume, do I contact you or do I wait for you to contact me?
A. Either way. Please feel free to contact us but we may contact you sooner.

Q. Assume that I make a good preliminary match. What happens to my resume? Is it distributed to the company without my knowledge?
A. No. We do not circulate your resume without your consent. Everything that you send us or say to us is held in strict confidence. Your resume will not be forwarded without your permission and unless there is mutual interest expressed by both you and the client company.

Q. Are there any fees that I have to pay?
A. Absolutely not. All fees are paid by the client company. All we ask of you is to cooperate with us and let us handle things for your ultimate benefit.

Q. May I use other sources for leads or interviews?
A. Absolutely. We may suggest, however, you limit your search to only a couple of qualified recruiters to avoid possible duplication of efforts.

Q. What will I know prior to an interview with a client company?
A. Our goal is to provide you with as much information and insight as possible. This may mean a copy of an annual report, job description, product information, as well as interview tips. In a high percentage of cases we've done work for the client on a repeat basis, so our knowledge of the history, culture and patterns of the firm may prove valuable in the interview. Any research you can do by accessing the internet or library would be that much more productive.