Tom Heeney

Thomas R. Heeney, CPC


Tom entered the contingency search industry in 1979. The search industry was a natural culmination of previous professional and educational accomplishments. Tom completed his BSBA from Xavier University in 1972 with a major in Accounting. For seven years after college, Tom pursued a sales & financial counseling career in a privately held corporation in Cincinnati. He completed the C.P.C. certification process in June of 1982.

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Searches successfully completed include: Audit Director, Controller, CFO Financial Analyst, Tax Director, Network Engineer, DBA and Systems Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer, Logistics Manager, Director of Mergers and Acquisitions, Director of Nursing, Director of Surgical Services, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Director of Reimbursement, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Manager - LTAC, Occupational Health Nurse, Director of Environmental Services, Social Services Manager, Office Manager, Practice Manager, VP Human Resources, Network Engineer, RN - Registered Nurse, DBA and Systems Analyst.

Search is his primary focus, but assisting in a Client's growth and improving Client's profitability is Tom's greatest accomplishment and motivation.

At Corporate Resources, LLC, we promise to respond with candor, integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Thomas R. Heeney, CPC
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